Episode 26: Mind Your Mind


Anchor Lady: Hello viewers, this is Exposé again. I welcome you to a new day and a fresh opportunity to look at this mind business we started yesterday in the Prodigal Father series. You know, we study the thought patterns of these two sons yesterday and we found out that though they looked, they looked different—that is the elder and the younger son—but we found out that strangely they are just the same in their thought because while the one that was in the house, in the field and the one that went out of the house, they were thinking the same way thinking as slave; one wasting out as a slave and one slaving out for the Father as slave. And so today we want to explore deeper on this…on this concept—the mind—and know that it does not matter whether you are in the house or in the field, if we carry the mind of the slave, if we have the slave mentality there is no benefit, the riches or the wealth in the house. So today, I will like to ask you, because I remember during the part of this story, the younger son was doing some reflection… because by the time he said I will go… he sat down to think that I will go back to my Father… that was part of like mind minding too; but we found out even in that reflection, he was thinking like a slave. He said I will go and tell him I’m a slave again. So it is not about… How often, how many times we have to do something to be effective?

Peter: Well, thank you for that. You see, what we’ve established so far on this series is the significance of the fact that it doesn’t matter what we profess as Christians, I mean… a lot of Christians are very good professors. If you noticed that the younger son said my Father, divide the portion that is actually due to me… you see, we keep, we keep looking at the fact that he keeps saying my Father… but his thinking, his reasoning, his mindset is not that of a son of a Father, his mindset was that of a slave. So, it is not what we say that actually matters, what eventually happens to us is what we think about ourselves. And we said yesterday that the scripture says that as a man thinking in his heart, so is he. And we made a statement that says God knows what he thinks about us (Jeremiah29:11). God said, I know the thought I think towards you… God can vouch for His thought toward us but eventually, what we end up receiving is what we think about ourselves and what we think about God. And that is the reason why every Christian cannot afford not to take control of their mind. In fact, the book of Peter says gird up the loins of your mind… because that is the most critical part. It doesn’t matter what God has done or given, what we end up getting is what we think and that is the reason why we have been looking at that—how these affected the younger son and the elder son in Luke chapter 15. And then yea… So, today, we’re gonna carry on with these, and before we move on… where we stopped exactly yesterday was to actually begin to look how the younger son and the elder son go about setting up their minds in the right frame to allow them receive what the Father wanted, I mean, wanted them to have. Before we go on with these I want our viewers to think about something on these parable that Jesus gave in Luke 15. Have you noticed that even though the younger son was addressed by the Father as a son, even when he got back home, the Father said, this my son who was dead is now alive again. The Father called him my son… and also the same thing applies to the elder son because in the last few verses, 31 and 32, the Father called the elder son, He said, you are my son and you are in the house forever… So, what we found out is the Father was ever constant in the way He address the two sons. The Father never changes but what actually was changing was the way they saw themselves and that is the whole morale of that parable. And I want you to think about something… You see, when God speaks to you and I, you got to understand the bible says we are spirit, soul, and body. The book of Thessalonians says our spirit, soul and body to be kept blameless till the coming of our Lord. I think, every…most Christians cannot understand the distinctions of these parts that makes us up and let’s… let’s look at this in Hebrews 4:12. We are not gonna open that scripture but we’re going to talk about it. Alright, the bible says the word of God is living and active, it is sharper than any double edged sword which is able to make a distinction, is able to make a distinction between what is of the spirit and what is of the soul (which is the will, mind and emotions) and what is of the body (because it talks about the bones and the marrows…) It means, when God speaks His Word, the Word of God has the potency to separate between what it’s speaking to. And you see, as Christians, we need to look at the Word of the Lord and understand what God is addressing in us when He speaks to us; is God talking to my spirit or is He addressing my mind? And I think most Christians get confused at this stage of looking at the Word of God. For example, when the bible says, you are a holy nation. Can you see that? You are a holy nation and you see, you look at yourself and say, Come on, am I holy? Am I perfect? If God says you are a holy nation, He is not talking to your mind, He is not talking to your body, He is talking to your spirit! And the same Word of God says be ye holy as your Heavenly Father is holy… At that state, He is not talking to your spirit man because your spirit man is as perfect as Christ is perfect so that is talking to your mind! And I think, you see, when the Father spoke to them and said my younger son and when the Father spoke to the elder son as my son, the Father was talking to the reality of who they are in their spirit—who they really are. But it’s one thing when God speaks to our spirit, and it is a whole different thing when God is addressing what? Our minds. Now today, we will be talking about how do we set up our mind in a way that will not block our capacity to receive what God has for us? And that’s what we’ll be looking at today. And our viewers, I want you to go quickly to the book of Colossians—we are looking at that today. Colossians 3. Now, see what it says; it says…verse 1—Colossians 3:1, it says: if ye then be risen with Christ… Now, it says seek those things which are above where Christ sits on the right hand of God. Now, verse 2 says set your mind… Now, if you read the NLT translation, NIV translation, it says set your mind. Some other translations say set your affections… Now look at this, set your mind… Now, this is very important. Look at verse 1, verse 1 says if you then be what? Be risen with Christ… if you know your position, if you know your current status, if you know what God has made of you… and I think this is very pathetic because even some Christians are not even in verse 1. Now, let’s say that again because verse 2 talks about setting your mind. It means, when you set something it means you are tuning your mind, it means you are tuning your thinking. You don’t tune your thinking or else there is something you want to tune it to. For example, if you are going to set your thermostat or you are going to set your temperature control, you at least have to have in mind the value you want to set it to. Now the bible says in verse 1, if you know already that you are risen with Christ, if you know what the Father calls you… and I say, some Christians cannot even articulate… they can’t even tell you what the Father calls them… they can’t even go on to verse 2 in talking about setting their mind…

Anchor Lady: They don’t even know what to set it to.

Peter: What are you setting your mind to? And I think this is where we have a big problem

Anchor Lady: what’s the point to set it to…

Peter:  Where are we setting our mind to? And that is the reason why, when the elder son… Have you noticed when the elder son complained, because I was wondering… if the Father divided the inheritance between the younger and elder son, and it’s amazing—we said it yesterday that the younger son asked for the inheritance but Luke 15:12 tells us when the Father divided the inheritance, he divided it between both of them, it means the elder son also got a portion but when the elder son complained to the Father, he said you did not give me a young goat, I was expecting the Father to change the strategy to say, you know one thing, my son, erm… you are not getting the point, let us make you get the whole point… but the Father kept saying one thing: you are my son. And you see, I was wondering, won’t the Father do something different to make the elder son get the point—

Anchor Lady: or throw the—

Peter: …that you cannot convince me to be good to you. You cannot pressurize me to be good to you because I already gave you—you are a son in the house! And I think this is where some Christians are stumbling because we think we can convince God that it is good to give but He gives because He loves us for the bible says in John3:16 for God so love that he gave… God’s giving is of His nature; it has nothing to do with your prayer points… it’s got nothing to do with your fasting. So, I was wondering that the Father should try to convince the elder son why He has been good to Him and has giving him all that matters and all he needs but you see, the Father said one thing; He said you are my son. God will never change His speech. God will never change what He has done. God will never change what He has sorted out because you are going to convince Him to be good to you. He is already good and has giving you all you need to you. The Father will keep saying my son… It means that what we need to do is, we need to understand, Colossians 3:1 says if you be risen with what?

Anchor Lady: with Christ

Peter: and I think if we spend our time, if we spend our energy, if we dissipate our effort to understand, Who am I? Where am I? What is my status? What is my position? What did God make out of me at redemption and I think that is where we suppose to start from… and I think that’s the reason why there are so many charlatans in the body of Christ, where people are being merchandized, where people are being messed up here and there… it’s because we have a bunch of Christians who are not laboring in the word, who cannot even say categorically what God has made of us in redemption, where we are seated, what is our position… So, verse 1 of Colossians 3 says before we can talk about setting our mind in verse 2. Verse 1 says, this applies to those who even have the revelation that they are seated with Christ in the heavenly places.

Anchor Lady: That was an interesting analogy about the control, the thermostat you were talking about

Peter: yeah

Anchor Lady: before you can even set something, there must be a number you are looking at.

Peter: You can’t set your mind unless you have a value, you can’t even set your mind unless you have a value. So, it means we can even talk about mind, see, we talk about Christians renewing their mind

Anchor Lady: realignment of the mind

Peter: some Christians… you can’t even tell them to renew their mind, renew their mind to what? They can’t even… like we said, they can’t even articulate, they can’t even tell you…

Anchor Lady: they don’t know what to renew it to

Peter: what? What am I renewing my mind into? We need to understand where we are in Christ Jesus. So, the Apostle Paul is saying: Listen, if you be risen with Christ… If you know your position, if you know that you are in Christ and Christ is in you, if you know that God has made you as righteous as Christ is righteous… the bible says He that knew no sin was made sin for us so that we can become the righteousness of God in Him. You are as perfect in your spirit as Christ was perfect. Paul said, if you know these things, so let’s talk about renewing your mind in verse 2 of Colossians 3. If you are still in verse 1, you need, you have work to do. You need to labor in the Word to see yourself how God sees you. That’s why we talked about this episode before… Now, I think if you are just joining us on this series, we will advise that you go and check one of our series we titled ‘ALL THINGS ARE YOURS’. That is a very good title to listen to on this Exposé. You can get that on Exposé247 page and also, you can also check another title we did and I think that talked about when we looked at James chapter 1 verse 16 where we talked about ‘FAITH DOESN’T MOVE GOD’. Those two series will actually enlighten you to understand what God did to you at redemption, so unless this is clarified, verse 2 of Colossians 3 will not make any sense. Now, let’s go to verse 2.

Now, Colossians 3 says if you know what happens to you, if you know the name the Father calls you, if you are the elder son, the Father calls you a son; if you are the younger son in Luke 15, the Father calls you a son. If we know these, let’s get on to verse 2 of Colossians 3. You see that? Let’s go to verse 2 and it says—this is amazing—It means you cannot stop in verse 1 because I know people talk about the fact that…do you know one thing? If I’m seated with Christ in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, that is, I can run off with that revelation. Listen, you cannot run off with Colossians 3:1. You cannot say—and that’s what happens to those who teach grace of God without understanding the influence and impact of our mind. You see, Grace makes no sense if our mind does not align with what God did in Christ. So we cannot stop in Colossians 3:1, we can’t. We know we are seated with Christ, we know we are in a position with God that Christ is. The Father accepts us same way He accepts Christ Jesus. That’s good, but we can’t stop there. He said that will not produce the desired result to Colossians 3:2. You see, how did I know it will not produce the desired result? See the two sons, the younger son and the elder son, the Father called then what? “My son”.  You see what happened, see what happened to the younger son, He went out and wasted His resources and He messed up His life and He was eating with the pigs. See the elder son? The Father called him My son yet he was in the house and he could not access the Father’s goodness. It means it is not enough that you are seated in Christ, your mind needs to come to this, your will needs to come to this, your emotion needs to come into this. So let’s go on to verse 2 of Colossians 3.

Verse 1 again, verse 1 says if you then be risen with Christ seek those which are above where Christ is seated on the right hand of God. Now, verse 2, this is it, it said Set your mind, your affections… Like I said, if you check some translations, if you check the New International Version, it says set your mind; NLT says set your mind; KJV says set your affection… Now, this is about your mentality. It says set your mind on things above. When it says things above, I presume you know it’s not just talking about looking to the sky and looking at thing up there in heaven, because we need to clarify. When it says set your mind on things above, it is talking about erm… you see if you read 1 Corinthians 15, it says we bore the nature of the earthly man. It says in the same ways we bore the nature of the earthly man, we need to bear the nature of the heavenly man… Now you see, there is a heaven in you. You see, God has packaged everything of heaven in your  spirit. That’s why the Bible says that if anybody has the Son, He has life. It says God… It said this is the record that God has given us life, and that life is in His Son. God has put all of His life in Christ and it says if anyone has Christ it says they’ve got the life of God, the nature, Zoé of God is in your spirit. Now heaven is not just high up in the sky, heaven is in your spirit. And that… when Jesus Christ was speaking in John chapter 3, it was very confusing to the Pharisees. In John chapter 3, Jesus said to them; nobody has been to heaven except the Son of man who is in heaven. I will repeat that again. Now, Jesus was on earth when He was talking to Nicodemus. Jesus Christ said nobody has gone to heaven except the Son of man who is in heaven. So, Jesus was saying to them that as I am talking to you, I’m in heaven. Now He was not talking about His earthly body, He was talking about He’s the Christ—the spirit of Christ… And as you’ve been made to understand that the spirit man that we have in us… the new man is called ‘the heavenly man’ in 2 Corinthians 15. So, the bible says, if you are seated with Christ in that location, it said you need to set your mind unto heavenly things… you need to set your mind on things that pertain to your heavenly man… you need to set your mind on things that pertain to the new man. It means ‘set’… mark that word, ‘set’.

Now this comes to mind when we’re talking about tuning your thermostat… It means to retune, now if you ask your thermostat, if a thermostat can talk, if you ask your thermostat how many times do you have to go back… Let’s imagine, if you want your room to be at 250c, 250 that’s where you want your room to be. Now, if you want that temperature of 250 to be maintained in your room, what you do is you set your thermostat to 250. What that means is if the temperature falls below 25, if it falls to 240c, the thermostat will bring it back up. Now the fact is, if you ask the thermostat how many times you need to go, keep going back to 25, the thermostat will tell you as long as the temperature goes below 25, I will keep going back to 25, it can happen 5 times a day, it can happen 25 times, it depends on how many times the temperature goes below 25. It will keep going back up. The bible says you and I have a lot of setting to do. It said set your mind… It means every time your environment, every time your circumstances, every time your body feeling, every time things around you go below what is expected of somebody who has a new creation Spirit in him…

Anchor Lady: below the value of heaven

Peter: …any time your experience go below the value of heaven, that the word… it said, you have to reset your mind and you can do that 5 times a day, you can do that 25 or 1000 times, you have to keep doing that as many times as it goes below the standard and that is the Word. So, the fact is the elder son and the younger son in Luke 15 had a problem. Now, you see the problem they had at that point was like the younger son who actually had his inheritance… as he got it from his Father, there was a slave mentality that entered into his mind because he had to leave home and the bible says only slaves leave the house, the son stays in the house forever—that’s what the scripture says to us. It means, for him to think about leaving home and wasting his resources is a slave mentality and as soon as that mentality came into his mind, the next thing he should have done is to reset it back again and say, you know what? No, I am a son of the Father and as a son I stay in the house forever… and you see? That is the point. Every time things come to you, every time things hit you and that thing tells you this is who you are, you can say, no that’s not the nature of the heavenly man, I got to set my mind on things above! This is active and this is our spiritual warfare. The book of 2 Corinthians chapter 10 verse 4 tells us, it tells us, it says that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of stronghold, casting down imaginations… it says every high thing that exalts itself against God’s knowledge, bringing into captivity, hijacking, resetting… it is an active thing we have to do. This is warfare. People talk about shooting devil and shooting that; listen: the greatest warfare you will do

Anchor Lady: is to takeover

Peter: is to set your mind. It is a warfare because it is an attack on your mind and you see, your bodily experience, what you will actually experience in your life is not just what God has given you; it is what you think about yourself. Now, I think that should be something that should sink down in our understanding today. It is what you end up experiencing as a Christian, it’s not what God has given you… and I think instead of you spending so much energy and time trying to convince God… like we said yesterday, it is toward the end of the year now, …December 31 is coming very… I mean in the next few days and people will try to convince God to bless them and favor them in 2017, when God already said I blessed you with all spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. I don’t understand how you can convince somebody who is already convinced. Can you see that? God is not blessing you because of you. If God is to bless you, you will have no blessing because you don’t even qualify. God is blessing you because you are coming to God in the name of Jesus Christ, so the Father blesses you as much as He blesses Christ. That’s why the bible sys we are joint heirs with Christ. Now listen, God is not blessing you because of you; He is blessing you because of Christ His Son. You cannot convince somebody who is already convinced to bless you; we are focusing on the wrong thing. When it comes to the kingdom, our focus is not on God blessing us, our focus is on receiving the blessing of the Father and the bible says we have a problem, the mind problem. That is the person that stands between us and our spirit man and the bible say it is warfare, we have to set our mind, we have to set it… Like we said, before you can even set your mind you need to have a value you are setting your mind to, like our spirit man, the heavenly man is the value. Now, you see, I think the assignment everyone should have as the year comes to an end is this; we should explore the dimensions of God’s grace—multidimensional grace, multifaceted grace of God, the dimension of grace that God has given us in Christ Jesus. Now, you could actually spend all your energy and time to look at this and it will be worthwhile. In fact, the Apostle Paul prayed for the Ephesians church, he said that your eyes of your understanding be opened and you be flooded with light in your understanding so that you can know the hope of His calling  and His inheritance that He has put in the saints. Acts 20:24 says I commend you unto God and unto the word of His Grace which is able to build up… The ‘build up’ means He is able to open your understanding… it says, so that what? So that you can understand the inheritance that is in the saints… that is Act 20:24. Can you see that?

So the bible is trying to say to us that we have a lot of mind-setting to do to the value of the heavenly man. But you know one thing? At least we need to know the heavenly man to start with and that’s why it says that…

Anchor Lady: Yeah. There are two things to draw from here. You know Colossians 3 just like you have illustrated that we need to know… we need to set…

Peter: We cannot set unless we know the value

Anchor Lady: …and that is heavenly value

Peter: heavenly man, yea, He is above…

Anchor Lady: Bringing it back to the story, the prodigal, those sons, if they are able to remember the heavenly value, there was sonship on their head, a price, they have adoption, they were sons and when they look around… when the younger son looked around and saw pigs and thinking his case is just like or below the slave at the slave level… if he understood that the heavenly value on him was the sonship, then he will need to set as we see in Colossians 3 and bring it. And then we talked about that Colossians 3:2, it said we set our affections above… that is heavenly, so we cannot just take half, half business review report, we can’t take what the physical policies of the nature is saying and say we are going to set our value on what they say, what the expert around us

Peter: not even what the doctor said

Anchor Lady: not the medical expert, we cannot afford to set because He told us what to set it on heaven, things above, so you cannot just set it anyhow. That is the first step… is to know the heavenly value, we need to know the heavenly value, we need to know the value we are working with

Peter: We cannot set our mind unless we know what we are setting our mind to

Anchor Lady: the heavenly value, I don’t want anybody to be scratching their head and say Where can I know? Where is the heavenly value? Roman 8 was saying we cannot say that who will go to bring this thing up…

Peter: …to bring Christ from heaven… we cannot be saying how are we going to bring Christ from heaven. He said, the word is near you, the word is in thy mouth, is in your heart, the word of faith that we preach… the heavenly man is right there—He’s right there in your spirit.

Anchor Lady: So, you can be asking how do I know? The value system we are talking about which will help us to know, in order to set our mind aright is in us. So, that’s why we are being encouraged to go… as we go everyday, to know what these heavenly value are and what it says of you when we look at that. No matter what the environment and everything is, just like that thermostat analogy and we begin to reset it and say, no, this is not me

Peter: that can’t be me

Anchor Lady:that can’t be me; this is not what is said of me. You know we just established… we take our time to establish what those heaven values are about us and we do the constant laboring of resetting and so that answered my first question on how many times you need to do it, because, you see, the younger son started for the first time, was like he sat back and thought within himself, are there no better slaves in my Father’s house? Maybe if he had pondered more or pondered more and do some researching

Peter: it is about the mind…

Anchor Lady: so nobody can tell you to do… some people just need maybe some 5 to 7 hours or something, everyday and erm… they are ok but you don’t know where you are coming from, so you might just be far off, so you need to do it constantly just like the washing of the water

Peter: by the word…

Anchor Lady: …by the word. You do it until you reset. We first of all established this and you reset

Peter: You see, there is one thing that you said and I think we need to make this point very clear. Some people are wondering, for some people are asking the question; how many hours am I supposed to pray as a Christian? I remember some few months ago, there was this contention on the social media about how many hours a woman is supposed to pray… you know that kind of stuff… and you see people ask you question, how many hours we need to pray to be a prayerful Christian? Is it 30minutes? Is it 1 hour? Is it 2 hours? Is it 3 hours? How many hours does it take to be a prayerful Christian? And I think the reason people ask this kind of question is because it is out of confusion. We are thinking that our prayer is a means of actually propelling God to do something for us and that’s why Jesus Christ said before you open your mouth, your heavenly Father knows what your needs are. You can’t convince God in prayer. The reason we pray, the reason we pray is not to convince God but to convince ourselves and that’s why some people, you might be doing 30 minutes prayer daily, for some people you might do 1 hour, some, 2 hours of prayer. What prayer does, it does something to us because we are the ones who need to get our mind set on what God said and that’s the whole point. We talk about the motive for righteousness, so the reason why we pray, why we study the word, is to keep setting this mind that the point is to set our mind on things of the heavenly man… and you see, if the younger son and the elder son in Luke 15 have actually understood this, they would have been able to walk in the fullness of what the Father actually has for them.

Anchor Lady: I think we are going to draw the curtain on this episode today

Peter: yea

Anchor Lady: So I have this big news to tell you that next weekend we would be rounding up all this.

Peter: the Prodigal Father series

Anchor Lady: the Prodigal Father series… So it’s just going to be like a crash course. If you have missed any episode, just, you don’t want to miss the last two, the Saturday and Sunday 7pm UK time. That’s when we are just going to finish it up. It is going to be very powerful. I am trusting God. So, I want you to join us especially for this last episodes

Peter: Next Saturday and Sunday, we would be rounding up on this series, the Prodigal Father series, and if you missed any of this series, you can like just want to go back on any of the episode on this ‘The Prodigal Father’ series to really understand before we move to something else. So we want to say bye and so we see you next week Saturday 7pm and Sunday 7pm.

Anchor Lady: Bye.

Peter: Bye.






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