Episode 23: Motivation For Righteous Living (cont’d)


Anchor Lady:  Good to connect with you again today. This is the Anchor Lady welcoming you to another episode of Exposé247. So today we wouldn’t waste much of your time, we would just introduce this episode… But we like to quickly remind you of what we did last week. On Sunday, we were talking about the ‘Inexhaustible Line of Credit’. We talked about this Grace, and I hope we are going to continue today, talking about the motivation for Grace. Would you like to welcome our viewers, and remind them of where we stopped last week?

Peter: Viewers all over the world…, if you’d been with us on this Exposé, erm we‘ve actually began the journey through the Prodigal Father series, and…you see, one major thing we’ve said in the past days, we’ve been exploring the younger brother and the elder brother, and we’ve actually seen the God who loves unconditionally without anythings attached… and the question that arose after that was , does it matter how we live our lives? And in the past few weeks, we began to look at the reason we have to do right, even though we have said it has no effect whatsoever on God’s love for us.

The first thing we started with was to establish the fact that we actually live right because God leads us right in Christ Jesus and we are new creation in Christ Jesus; old things are passed away, and that’s why we live right—just because God makes us right in a new nature… And we went on from there and also looked at erm… all these is in Romans chapter 6… and  also went from there to see… Romans chapter 6 says it doesn’t matter if we actually know that God doesn’t get affected by what we do, but not withstanding, if we yield ourselves to sin—our instrument, our body—to sin, sin can rule over us death, and that’s the certain things we’ve established so far in terms of the motivation for doing the right thing

Anchor Lady: Okay, so today, we hope to continue on that motivation for doing the right thing

Peter: Today, we’ll still continue on motivation for doing the right thing, even though God loves unconditionally. I think Jesus talked about walking through the narrow way if you want to make the kingdom—that the kingdom of God requires walking a narrow path, and I think this is the challenge for us as Christians to make that. Even though we talk about the grace of God that on God’s side, God has nothing, to actually hold on to as the basis for loving us, except Christ Jesus, His Son, the reason why God accepts us is because of Jesus Christ not because of us. Even though we’ve said that, however, if we live anyhow, or do things anyhow, if we act against our conscience, there are consequences, but listen, those consequences have nothing to do with God, and that’s what we began to establish… and today, we will carry on with that understanding. And you see, this is the third aspect we are looking at in terms of motivation for doing the right thing, and if you, I mean if you’re there, I want you to quickly open your scripture because we need to see what the Word of God has to say to us in 1 John chapter 3… so that’s what we are trying to establish  today—the motivation for doing the right thing—if it is true, which is true anyway, that God loves us unconditionally. I’ll read 1 John chapter 3, I’ll read from erm, verse 17, and I want our viewers to listen to this; 1 John 3:17 says; But whoso hath this world’s good, and seeth his brother have need, and shut up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him, My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but indeed and in truth, and the next verse says…. And hereby we know that we are of the truth, and shall assure our hearts before him. For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart, and knows all things.

Now listen viewers… one major fact we need to understand is, when it comes to our heart, the bible says, even if we have done the right thing because before we begin to go into the  issue of how living unrightly, how living unrighteously can affect us, we need to talk about first our heart. Listen, whether you do the right thing or you do the wrong thing, your heart actually by itself can actually condemn you. Now before I begin to talk about what happens in your heart when you do the wrong thing, let’s talk about your heart by itself, without doing the right thing or doing the wrong thing, it is irrelevant. There’s something about our conscience and our heart and the bible says in this place, even after we’ve loved indeed, in truth, you’ve done everything, you’ve done all you need to do, it said, if your heart still condemns you… Now that tells us there something about our heart, that is why you see as believers, we cannot completely trust our heart; the only kind of people that can trust their heart are those who are matured, ’cause the bible says in Hebrews 5, it says strong meat are for those who are matured, who by reason of use have their senses to discern between good and evil. So people have had their spiritual senses exercised and they can discern between good and evil, but for those who are still immature, Romans 4:13 and 1 Corinthians 6 talks about people who actually have weak conscience and that’s why Romans 14 talks about the fact that if we live in such a way that we think are right, if we have a brother who has a weak conscience, their conscience can be defiled. So what we are saying is, some people have weak consciences, and the bible says it doesn’t matter whether we do the right thing or the wrong thing, there’s something about our heart, that’s why it says even if we do the right thing and we love in deed and in truth, 1 John 3:17 says, our heart can still condemn us, it’s still very possible that our hearts can still condemn us even if we’ve done the right thing. And what happens? It says if our heart condemns us, that God is greater than our heart and God knows all things. Now, it means that if your heart condemns you after you’ve done everything right, it says, you need to submit to the fact that God is greater than your heart. It means, you got to listen to what God has to say about your situation. You got to listen to what God has to say about your status; you cannot listen to your heart, even after you’ve done all the right thing. That’s why the bible says in Romans chapter 8 verse 1, there is therefore now no condemnation, for those who are in Christ Jesus, for the law of… who work not after the flesh but after the spirit, for the love, the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set us free from the law of sin and death. What that simply means then is, if you’re in Christ Jesus, the bible says there is no condemnation for you. It means after you’ve done all the right things you need to do, after you’ve done everything within your capacity, the bible says if your heart condemns you, you need to know that God is greater than your heart, and what God says about you is much more important than what you are feeling about… that’s the first thing we need to establish because you see, if we don’t establish this fact today, by the time we begin to go on what happens to your heart when you do the wrong thing, people will get it mixed up, so we need to satisfy that fact first, that even if you do all the right thing you need to do, you cannot completely depend on what your heart is telling you about your status before God.

So now, why is this so important? If for every Christian, who is so concerned about having their prayers answered… if you’re so concerned about making sure that anytime you petition the Father, you receive what you ask of God… if that’s so critical to you, if that’s so important a factor to you, you need to listen to what we have to say today on Exposé. If getting your prayers answered all the time, if you don’t want your prayers being answered on probability, in which by the time you finish praying and somebody ask you, are you sure your prayers was answered? Or are you sure you’ve received what you are asking God for? If you don’t want that to be a matter of probability, if you want to have the guarantee that every time you lay any petition before the Father, anytime you pray, anytime you seek the face of God, you want that kind of situation to be effective, you want effectiveness in your prayer life, you need to listen to this today. Because the bible says one thing about this, it said, if our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, 1 John 3:17-18. But it says, and God knows all things… now I think we need to listen to the person that knows all things. The bible says, I mean it says the spirit of a man knows no man within him, and the spirit of God knoweth no one except the spirit of God. So you need to listen to the spirit of God.

If God declares you righteous, and if God says I see you the way I see my son Jesus, the bible says if anyone is in Christ, you’re not in yourself anymore, but in Christ… so when God looks at you, God is looking at Christ in you, and you in Christ. It means God accepts you on the same basis in which He accepts Jesus Christ. So the bible says, if your heart condemns you after you’ve done all the right thing, you need to listen to God who is greater than your heart. Listen, that’s very important; we have to establish that fact.

Now, having said that, then it goes ahead to say that but if our heart condemns us not… Now, we are talking about motivation for righteousness, you’re wondering, where are we going with all these, we gonna connect it very soon. The bible says if we can go beyond the stage of having our heart condemned, if we can go beyond that, in which our hearts doesn’t condemn us anymore, it said thenthen… look at that word ‘then’. I’m reading that verse 18, 19 and 20. Now, take time to read it; 1 John 3:18-20. It says, if we can go to the stage in which our heart does not condemn us, it said then… see that word, thenthen do we have confidence towards God, and we can know that we receive… can you see the problem? This is the problem. It says the only basis, the only foundation, where you can have a guaranteed answer to prayer every time you kneel down to pray… see there’s no point spending five hours in prayer if it’s not effective; there’s no point even spending one minute in prayer if it’s ineffective. To have your prayers answered all the time, it says, there’s a ‘then’. It said then, we have confidence towards God… What’s the ‘then’? It means before the ‘then’, your heart must not condemn you. Now, listen, if I say to people, do you believe that God can raise the dead? O, they say yes we believe… or if I say: do you believe that God can feed a whole nation? You would say, yes… you would say Oh yes I know God can do everything… In fact, like we said last time, people sing songs about the greatness of God… people sing songs about the mightiness of God… if I say do you believe God can do the impossible? You would say Yes you believe, even demons believe that… So if I say do you believe that God will use you to raise the dead? Now you would say well… see that? If I say that God can use you to feed a whole nation, now you wonder… now you, you begin to have this kind of doubt… you know why? Because something inside of you said some things… that God can do all things but you are not too sure if God can use you as the vessel—it’s called condemnation. That thing that disqualifies you… that makes you think that God can do anything but I’m not too sure if He would do it in me, and through me. That’s the basic way… That’s the most easiest way I think we can make condemnation look like… that’s the spirit of condemnation—it disqualifies you. It says you’re not qualified, even though God will do it, even though God can do it, but not you… how can it be you? Why are you the qualified that God will use? How come you have the status or the position to be the vessel that God can do that through? And that’s how condemnation fights everyone. It’s an attack upon our minds… an attack upon our soul… an attack upon our spirit. And that’s why John the Apostle has taken the pain to actually clarify this. It says if you want to have guaranteed answers to prayers that there must be a ‘then’ for you; the ‘then’ means, you must have absolute confidence that God is going to do it in you and through you. You need that confidence and for that confidence to be in you, there must be no condemnation in you.

Now, we are simply saying this for viewers to understand the fact that, this is even talking about someone who has done everything right, can you see that? That’s why 1 John 3:15,16-17 says, if you have love in deed and in truth… that’s what it says in verse 15 and 16. It says if we love in deed and in truth, we can have assurance in our heart before God… It says even if our heart condemns us, we need to listen to what God has to say, and make sure that we don’t allow a condemned heart to go into the place of prayer… because it says if we take a condemned heart to the place of prayer, we can have no guarantee that our prayers are answered, because we are the ones that do the receiving; God does the giving and we’ve established this fact in James chapter 1 that says, If anyone doubts, he’s like the wave of the sea tossed to and fro, let him not think that he would receive anything from God. So we have established the fact that a condemned heart, a violated conscience cannot receive from God according to 1 John 3:17-20, and that’s what we’ve said so far. Now having said that, why have we gone through all these things?

Anchor Lady: Yes, let’s take it home.

Peter: Because we are talking about the motivation for righteousness—that’s what we are talking about. Why do you need to live right? Now, you see, one thing we need to say is… go to 1Timothy chapter 1. Now we’ve established 1 John 3:17-20, now let’s go to 1 Timothy 1:18-19. Why do we need to do the right thing? What’s the motivation for righteousness if God loves us unconditionally irrespective of what we do and don’t do? Now, 1 Timothy 1:18-19. What does it say in your scripture? 1Timothy 1:18-19, can you tell me what it says?

Anchor Lady: it says: This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy…


Peter:  it says ‘I commit this charge to you, my son, Timothy…’

Anchor Lady: according to the prophecies which went before on thee…

Peter: erm, according to the prophecies…. now it says, according to the prophetic word, that’s given, that is received… Now, what does it say?

Anchor Lady: that thou by them mightest war a good warfare…

Peter: You should wage, or war a good warfare…now what is the next?

Anchor Lady: Holding faith…

Peter: erm, ‘holding faith…’ Now, mark the word, ‘holding faith’… We’ve actually established this fact, if you’ve been on Exposé on the past few series, we have said… you see there’s always these two sides of walking with God; there’s the ‘Grace side’ and the ‘Faith side’. Even in salvation, Ephesians 2:6-10, it says for by grace… it says for by faith are you saved… it says for by grace are you saved by faith… that’s the word; for by grace are you saved through faith. Grace means God has given grace irrespective of you and faith means you respond to what God actually did. Now, that simply means the good news. That is, you cannot make something happen, you cannot make God do anything, even it doesn’t matter what people say… I’m gonna pray and make sure that I actually push God to do something… You cannot do that. We’ve said it before, that grace means God has done something without even you qualifying and what faith does is, God I’m thanking… You’ve done it; I receive it. That’s what faith does. So now, Paul is telling his son, Timothy and he’s saying to him, some things have gone ahead concerning you it’s not about you, it’s not about you qualifying, there are prophetic words that has gone ahead concerning your life… and I need to say to those that go around looking for prophecies, listen… The book of  1 Peter tells us, we have a more surer word of prophesy. It’s good to listen for prophesy, prophetic words given, but see, there’s a more surer word of prophesy and that’s the scripture—a more sure word of prophesy. Peter says you need to take heed, pay attention as to a light shinning in the dark place, until day dawns and the day star arise in our heart… so simply saying there’s a more surer word of Prophesy… Before you came into Christ, before you were born, there are words that have gone ahead concerning you. The bible says we were chosen in Christ before the foundation of the earth, before you ever thought of being born again, God has already spoken over your life. There are words that has gone ahead concerning you; there are prophetic words that have gone ahead concerning you, what…the… all you have to do is to respond. It’s not just to make God do something; you respond to what God has done. And look at what it says… So Paul is telling Timothy, there are prophetic words that has gone ahead concerning you. Things have been spoken over your life, over your destiny, Timothy, now see what you’re gonna do about it. So what did it say?

Anchor Lady: ‘hold faith’

Peter: It said, Timothy you need to respond, you need to hold faith, you need to respond to what God has done over your life, you need to respond, you need to receive it, say Thank You Father, for by the stripes of Jesus, I was healed! Thank You Father, for what You have done for me in Christ Jesus. Thank You Father, for I was chosen in Christ before I know the foundation of the earth. Thank You Father, I was accepted in the Beloved. Thank You Father, I’m seated with Christ in the heavenly places… That’s what faith does! It says, thank You Father, I receive it! That’s all… Thank You for I receive… Thank You for You died and resurrected, now Paul told Timothy, now you need to ‘hold faith’… you need to have that status, that position where it says, Father, I receive whatever God has done for me… Now, see what it says next….

Anchor Lady: Holding faith and a good conscience…

Peter: Now, that’s the word! That’s the word! That is the word! It said; if you hold faith, it will hold unto you, to make sure your conscience is not violated… can you see that? Holding faith and a good conscience… A bad conscience cannot go with faith, that is why 1 John 3:17-21 says if you come to have confidence, you cannot afford to have a condemned heart… can you see that? So, Paul told Timothy, you need to hold faith. It could have stopped there, he said no. He said you need a good conscience to go with faith. It means you cannot afford to be condemned in your heart, and hope that your faith is going to work, and that’s why the enemy attacks us at the point of our conscience, because He knows according to what John said in 1 John 3, if the heart condemns us… because if there’s no definite assurance that we receive from God, what God has to offer.

Now, see what it says, holding faith, and a good conscience before God…, what did it say the next there?

Anchor Lady: …which some have put away, concerning faith…

Peter: erm, it said which some have done what?  Have put away, concerning faith and have made a shipwreck… So it’s simply saying, if your conscience is polluted, if your conscience is not good, it says there’s no way your faith is gonna work, that’s why it says, some have made a shipwreck of their faith.

Faith cannot work with a devaluated conscience, it doesn’t matter what people are saying, faith cannot work with a conscience that is polluted. So what happens now? Look at the next verse, now watch it, when it says a bad conscience, you begin to wonder, what does it take to have a bad conscience? I mean, I believe because viewers, you ought to make sure that anytime you pray, anytime you believe God for anything, everybody wants a guarantee… you want to make sure that if you ask God for anything, you receive what you’re asking God for… you want that definite assurance… you don’t want to play games or gambling with God… you want definite assurance of what you ask God for… The bible says, if that’s what you asked God for, you cannot afford to hold faith with a bad conscience for they don’t go together. It says, if you try it, you shipwreck; it’s not gonna work. Now, see what it says, now, we need to clarify them, if the conscience is critical for faith to work, for me to receive from God all the time, if it’s so important, what does it take not to have a bad conscience? Now see what it says next…

Anchor Lady: Of whom…

Peter: Of whom… its gonna tell us of some people who actually have a bad conscience. It says of whom—an example… so that’s gonna clarify this thing for us. What did it say next there?

Anchor Lady: Of whom Hymenaeus…

Peter: There’s a guy, two guys: Hymenaeus and Alexander

Anchor Lady: and Alexander…

Peter: Alexander ok,

Anchor Lady: whom I have delivered to Satan…

Peter: what did they do?

Anchor Lady: That they may lay not to blaspheme…

Peter: Okay, lay not to blaspheme… He said, see, these people are saying things and what they are saying, makes me categorise them as people who don’t have a good conscience. Now I think, we need to clarify something, before we carry on now… You see, that tells you, teachings… you see, these people are saying things—Hymenaeus and Alexander—are saying things—some things in the church! And it says, what they are saying is actually tantamount to you having a bad what? CONSCIENCE. And I think we need to clarify this. Now, one of the reasons why some Christians do have a bad conscience, is because of the kind of things they are listening to… the kind of teachings—teachings that violate the redemptive work of Christ. Those things can actually give you a bad conscience! Now, you see the word ‘conscience’, the Hebrew word for ‘conscience’ in the scripture is the same word for consciousness… consciousness! Now, if you hear some teachings of Alexander as they blaspheme, and it told—Paul told Timothy—these men are actually examples of men, who actually have bad conscience. And it’s amazing that I was expecting him to talk about what Hymenaeus and Alexander did in terms of practise and attitude, but He said no, it’s about what they are teaching… they’re blaspheming, they are teaching the wrong thing… and it says… teachings can actually lead you to having a bad conscience. For example, people talk about the fact that if we teach people about the fact that unless you live right God will not be happy with you… Such teachings, they can violate man’s conscience. I will tell you the reason, but today we don’t have time for that, but I’ll make reference to that: 1 Corinthians 15:53 tells us, it says, that  O grave where is your sting, O death, where is your victory? It said O death, where is your sting? It said the sting of death is sin… Now watch this; it said, the power of sin, is the law… the strength of sin… it said, if you want to  make sin so powerful in people lives, teach them the law, tell them that God can only accept them if they do right and they do wrong, God will reject them. It said that’s the very thing that actually accentuates or actually magnifies the power of sin in people’s lives. Romans 5 tells us, it said, with the knowledge of the law comes what? The power of sin! Romans 5. It means that, there are some teachings that can actually aid your development of a bad conscience and Paul said to Timothy, he said there are some men—Alexander—he said what they are saying, that they are saying things that’s actually leads to a very what? A bad conscience.

Now having said that, let’s go beyond teaching and that’s why there’s nothing as critical as having to hear and listen to good teaching, and that’s what we said on last episode if you remember. If you were with us on last episode, we made one particular point known, we simply said, it’s a bit of anomaly, it’s an abnormal situation, if someone has their new life in Jesus, and they are living unholy, it doesn’t—

Anchor Lady: it doesn’t add up

Peter: it’s just like saying a dog is living like a cat or like saying a pig is living like a man; it doesn’t make sense. If you want to be a dog, you live like a dog, if you are a pig, you live like a pig, if you are a new creation in Christ Jesus, you gonna live like a new creation. In fact, there’s a place where Apostle Paul said to the church where he said circumcision and uncircumcision avails nothing for the new creation. He says what matters to the new creation, if you’re a new creation, you got to talk, act and live like a new creation… So it’s amazing that even some people are new creation in Christ Jesus and live life that are  below the standard and the only reason we get from that is they don’t understand what has happened to them. At least, if a dog doesn’t understand it’s a dog, its gonna behave like a pig. The whole point we are trying to make is, it all comes down to teaching. It all comes down to understanding. So we are simply saying according to what Paul told Timothy about these two guys, these guys are teaching something, they are saying something that is actually violating the conscience of people and see, let’s not focus on that today, which is one fact, now what we are gonna talk about here is this bad conscience which is what we are talking about, how can it come about?

Anchor Lady: Before you go further, I can remember, you were making a correlation between the root word of conscience and consciousness

Peter: yes

Anchor Lady: so that people can actually get the meaning of this conscience and they will not just be running around with the word conscience, they don’t actually knowing the meaning.

Peter: Well, the fact is, if you look at the word ‘conscience’, it’s from the root word ‘consciousness’, so what we are talking about—having a bad conscience—it means having the consciousness of a corrupt conscience—the consciousness of sin—and that’s what happens; that’s what we did say… this can be aided by bad teaching, and that’s why Paul told Timothy about those two men.

Anchor Lady: Again, I would like you to bring it home to the family meeting in Luke 15, that… where the elder brother thing and the younger brother thing… where this whole thing plays out.

Peter: yea, yea, I mean, I think….

Anchor Lady: …what would have been better if the elder brother knew this or something…,

Peter: I think—thank you for that—I think there’s something our viewers need to know and understand, and that is… We’ve been talking about the younger son and the elder son. If you noticed, one of the things that gave the elder son… now you wonder… which is important? You wonder that the elder son in Luke 15:11-32, he seem to have done everything right… The eldest son actually said to his father, he said, I’ve not broken any of your regulations… the eldest son told his father, he said, I’ve laboured in the field just to make sure I could please you and yet you have not given me a young goat… and we notice that the very reason why he had a violated conscience was because he had a wrong perception, a wrong understanding of what it means to please the Father… But now we in Christ Jesus, in our time and our days, we understand that God accepts us, on the basis of His Son… and that’s what Hebrews 9 talks about, this conscience or consciousness of sin.  What it says is the reason why Jesus actually died once and for all for us is because He actually came to remove consciousness of what? Of sin! He said the reason why the Aaronic priesthood wasn’t gonna work, is because every time they bring the sacrifice under Aaron, there was a consciousness of sin, and that’s what He’s saying.

So what we are simply saying is, Christ Jesus didn’t just come to forgive our sin, and save us from our sin, he also came to remove from us, that consciousness of sin. So Hebrew 9 says that was  the major thing that was wrong with the Aaronic priesthood. It was because every time they come every year before the Lord, there was a constant reminder; there was a consciousness of sin, and don’t forget that what we said… anyone with a bad conscience… it doesn’t work with faith; that’s the problem. They cannot go together. So 1 Timothy 1:18-19 says you must hold faith, and a good conscience… and it says if both go together, things are gonna work fine, but if a bad conscience comes in contact with faith, it will separate and that’s one. Now don’t forget one thing… our viewers should not forget all these… The reason we got through all this point is because, we are trying to see the motivation for righteousness and that’s it, but we’ve not actually gotten to that point yet

Anchor Lady: Oh, we’ve not gotten there?

Peter: No, we’ve not gotten there,

Anchor Lady: I would like to stop here today, cause time is fast spent and I hope tomorrow, our viewers will join us same time, 7pm UK time, as we continue to look at the consciousness, cause I’m actually looking forward to us getting to the family thing… that Luke 15 and see how the consciousness of the elder brother and the elder sister…erm the elder brother and the younger brother, how it plays out. You need to have a sneak peek to what we are saying now, what they see in 1 Timothy, and see it playing out, and see with what is it locking on, so when it’s on the field of false consciousness is it. So if he has already have a corrupt image of the Father in him, so we can look at it very well. So we hope we will be able to do that tomorrow, same time, so we enjoin you to follow us tomorrow and connect with us. Keep linking this route, and keep sharing, so till we see you tomorrow, we say byeeee

Peter: Byeeee




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