Reactive Christianity

Hundreds of  years ago, within the four walls of the ivory tower of the university of Cambridge, Isaac Newton took the world by storm with his profound yet  but simple  third law of  motion-For every action, there must be a reaction. The relevance is not only to science but to life. We must admit that […]

Holiness: Getting The Definition Right!

We have been looking  at holiness for some time now on  Exegesis.  In our last post, we had a look at bridging the gap between  ‘’You are holy’’  and  ‘’ You must be holy’. One thing we have not done  is to really define  what  ‘’holiness’’ is.  Or do we just presume to know what […]

Resolving The Divide: ”You are holy” and ”Be holy”

Proverbs 26:7  “The legs of the lame are not equal: so is a parable in the mouth of fools.” Ever wondered why Jesus asked us to walk the narrow path ? It  is simply because non-chalancy can make one to fall into the ditch. Either sides of the narrow path are not healthy for us. Many have […]

The Hole In Our Holiness

Prologue In case you miss the first part of this discuss, check it here , so that you can get the complete concept of what the Lord is showing us. We would not be looking at this if not that our life of faith and confidence towards God depends on this. This is what we need […]

‘Holiness Teaching’???

Premise: Some so called very strict holiness teachings ironically lower God’s standards I know it sounds like a statement that is in a fight with itself.  Holiness as a doctrine or a teaching is meant to uphold God’s standards. Well, thank  God for preachers and teachers who are doing just that and feeding the flock.  […]

Don’t eat that fruit!

Do you live on the mountain for some time and then in the valley some other time?  Do you seem to be victorious for a while with the sense of being a loser biting at you later? Do you enjoy spiritual bliss often interjected with confusion and stagnancy?  Do you intend to know Christ beyond […]

Did God Really Say?

Belief is everything! It is too costly and expensive to believe wrongly. Remember the story that Jesus gave about the servant who said the master was a hard taskmaster while other servants profited under the same master  (Matt 25:24). They had the same master but the results were different. Why? Belief! The third servant had […]