Episode 28: Grand Finale—Part 2

  Understanding Christ’s Radical Re-Definitions Anchor Lady: …seven and you know, we started this Prodigal Father Series; and today we’ll be concluding finally on this series. We know you’ve be blessed by this series. But today we are trusting the Lord as we take a final look in this story that you’ll be able to […]

Episode 27: Grand Finale—Part 1

  Anchor Lady: Hello viewers! This is Exposé 247, where we reveal Christ through the pages of the scriptures. And this is a very very special day… today because we are doing the Grand Finale on this Prodigal Father series. We have started a while back. So, how many episodes have we done? Peter: Yeah! […]

Episode 26: Mind Your Mind

  Anchor Lady: Hello viewers, this is Exposé again. I welcome you to a new day and a fresh opportunity to look at this mind business we started yesterday in the Prodigal Father series. You know, we study the thought patterns of these two sons yesterday and we found out that though they looked, they […]

Episode 25: Mind Your Business

  Anchor Lady:  Hello viewers, this is Exposé247 where we turn the light on Christ; and so we are grateful that we could connect with you today and we thank God who has graced us to be able ministers of the New Testament. We’ve been on this journey—The Prodigal Father Series—for a while now. So […]

Episode 24: Stay Awake To Be Blessed

  Anchor Lady: Hello viewers, this is Exposé and we just want to say we are more than pleased to be connecting with you sharing this moment of exposition with you and we need to say that your views you’re sharing and your commitment to truth is an encouragement to us. Yesterday we were making […]

Episode 23: Motivation For Righteous Living (cont’d)

  Anchor Lady:  Good to connect with you again today. This is the Anchor Lady welcoming you to another episode of Exposé247. So today we wouldn’t waste much of your time, we would just introduce this episode… But we like to quickly remind you of what we did last week. On Sunday, we were talking […]

Episode 22: The Inexhaustible Line of Credit

  Anchor Lady: Hello viewers we are back again and this is Exposé247. And for those who joined the live stream in the morning where we deal with romance in the book of Romans, I hope it has stimulated you for an indoor… an indoor and in-depth study of that book. And in case you’ve […]

Episode 21: Motivation For Righteous Living

  Anchor Lady:  Hello everyone, this is Exposé247. We want to welcome you for a big moment of exposition; it’s a big moment of change. We want to appreciate you for the viewership; we want to appreciate you for the fellowship but more importantly we will be encouraging, we want the truths in what we’ve […]

Episode 20: Faith Does Not Move God

  Anchor Lady: Hello viewers this is Anchor Lady and this is Peter, you are unto this Exposé247. I want to assure you, you’ve just done the right thing now by watching this program, because at the moment on the spot I couldn’t think of any better thing to invest your time and data on […]

Episode 19: Thou Must Save And Thou Alone

  Anchor Lady: We are back again and this is Expose 247 where we turn the light of Christ. Today I’ve just decided to go with the flow wherever this Prodigal Father series takes us today. Because I remember last week, it was very very explosive…you know it took me time to process the truth […]