‘Holiness Teaching’???

Premise: Some so called very strict holiness teachings ironically lower God’s standards I know it sounds like a statement that is in a fight with itself.  Holiness as a doctrine or a teaching is meant to uphold God’s standards. Well, thank  God for preachers and teachers who are doing just that and feeding the flock.  […]

Don’t eat that fruit!

Do you live on the mountain for some time and then in the valley some other time?  Do you seem to be victorious for a while with the sense of being a loser biting at you later? Do you enjoy spiritual bliss often interjected with confusion and stagnancy?  Do you intend to know Christ beyond […]

Did God Really Say?

Belief is everything! It is too costly and expensive to believe wrongly. Remember the story that Jesus gave about the servant who said the master was a hard taskmaster while other servants profited under the same master  (Matt 25:24). They had the same master but the results were different. Why? Belief! The third servant had […]